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Everybody Good?

by Black Milk

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God Willing 04:46
Chorus On everything I love, every day and night Tomorrow and today ain’t gon’ be alike I swear to God, yo I swear it be alright Today and tomorrow they won’t look alike They hold you down, I took a flight Today and tomorrow they won’t look alike Today and tomorrow ain’t gon’ look alike Today and tomorrow ain’t gon’ look alike Verse 1 Message, one’s present here today Guess who here to stay When every day You keeping score but not here to play Back to the draw, back to the wall From a long stall Welcome you all after a long pause, after Totally accepted we ain’t ever going back to what’s known to be The newest version of me is the older me Vision seems clearer than ever Took some years to reflect Reflect like a million mirrors together It’s the ugly It’s the beautiful It’s the exquisite It’s n*ggas loitering at liquor stores All represented The writings on the wall Watching n*ggas level up right before the fall Days numbered you got numbers, ain’t no one to call Many go without Have ‘em going through withdrawals We want it all Verse 2 Used to always love the chase ‘til I stopped chasing Instead of outside life racing Now you catch me inside of the house pacing Circles on wood floors thinking ‘bout life changing This ain’t a life you can copy, n*gga, so stop tracing Start paying attention before you start paying I’m saying Mission to last as years passed My niece nephews growing too fast I seen flashes front of eyes Some days laugh Some days sad Some days high Some days low Some days no Don’t ask why The way it go N*ggas thirst for relevance Give ‘em dirty laundry, closets with skeletons Scared to address what’s in the room with elephants The elephant in the room is delicate Tell ‘em it’s
Chorus Pay the cost ‘cause the play ain’t free Price tags on the souls you see Price tags and it’s no receipts Price tags on the price tag Pay the cost ‘cause the play ain’t free Price tags on the souls you see Price tags and it’s no receipts Price tags on the price tag Verse 1 Yeah, shooting straight for the center Never was a pretender Money turned a saint to a sinner Dollars causing dilemmas Still want my diamonds and chandeliers Hanging from the ceilings Chasing the high Can’t stop chasing the feeling Homies go buy whatever Go give they momma a million We driving off of the lot All we hearing is tires peeling N*ggas hurt from they traumas But never make time for healing Only make time for income Cause here comes a cycle billing But wait N*ggas making decisions If they get backed in the corner Then it’s back to the kitchen Or corners, making a killing Warning, just wanted us in the winning So we say, “Fuck you, pay me.” And it’s fuck yo’ opinion Verse 2 Yeah, give you the feeling of a story that came From the bottom to celebratory champagne Spilling shit, how my soul spills out of this pen Blood and sweat in until it ends Put my blood in like a syringe In the real world where they pretend In waters where sharks swim, showing fins Sold once, put they soul up for resale I rather rebuild and put my soul on retail Nah, only pursuit Is to point, aim and shoot high Sky’s the limit This ain’t low hanging fruit Nah, have you televised Out telling lies If truth hurts, these words should have them paralyzed
Chorus Making me wait The money called bet not be late Aw, nah can it be fate They told me I was made to be great Aw, nah making me wait and see Just making me, can’t wait and see Aw, nah making me wait and see Just making me, can’t wait and see Verse 1 When the doors open, look through Hope to get a foot through Some days pushed down Other days push through Only few, might’ve known What it might’ve took to We ain’t seeing eye to eye Must’ve mean I must grew N*ggas getting lives took In the state, outta state Got me with a heavy heart Had to start lifting weights Gone for a while, had em sick Here’s the medicine Music with some elegance Melodie’s with melanin Moments of clarity Come at day, come at night Had a moment come in sight Under hospital lights Looking thru the contacts Should I tell moms yet I’ma chill, strong will On your feet, conquest Feelin’ like solider, but Still feel a phobia Not afraid to get dirty Got my sleeves rolling up Borrowed time, hard to find All my n*ggas ought to shine If we not all aligned That’s where we draw the line Verse 2 Waiting in panic Waiting for magic The game’s turbulence on a plane I’m waiting for landing Pains just like a window pane I’m waiting to shatter They saying just let him cook I’m baking the batter Taking the tragic and turn it to treasure This hustle is like forever Something you couldn’t measure Beginning was looking down So now we looking better Bare this burden together like birds of a feather N*ggas know it’s whatever Always felt a vendetta Carry this life your handed The whole wait of the planet Figured out you could manage They paint a picture sweet All we see is the savage Want you to celebrate All you feel is sadness All of it’s madness
Downs Got Up 03:06
Chorus Got down but still get up Standing Might fall but we’ll get up Standing Verse 1 Stand on it like royalty, fix those crowns Stand, it’s like quicksand I’m ten toes down Watch the world and while it goes round Feel like I’m standing still Feel like the man of steel Was taught to never feel Trying to find out where it’s real You can see me stand Been working hard You can see these hands Still standing, feeding fam See these bands Money blown Still eating Money thrown Catch and run like I’m CeeDee Lamb Stepped up Stepped on May stop I kept on They tiptoed I stepped strong Take shots like Teflon Carry the crown All the weight That you carry around Building you up Tearing you down That’s the merry-go-round Verse 2 I was told put on a war face By heroes in the hood that never wore capes Really have you running in circles Life, not Olympic races, you still jumping hurdles Like vodka pouring, not that sober Watch you stumble Pull you up, just to knock you over Watch you fumble Right where you stand That dream is so close You move forward They steady moving the goal post Knock you off balance The most you can try Whole life been like Walking tight ropes in the sky Don’t slip, don’t fall I hope you can fly On your own two Most you can try What you gon’ do, won’t do Bridge Don’t fall down Don’t fall down
Chorus Gotta get mind at peace Gotta get money on sheesh Gotta get mind at peace, money on sheesh Phone on silent, trying to get free Too much, too much, too much Could it just be? Is it just me? Rain and rose petals Diamonds and gold medals Worn around the whole ghetto Fast life, don’t care to stop Round our way, statues of us on every block Verse 1 Yeah, went from sunshine into grey showers Walked neighborhoods that made felons and made flowers Some just didn’t bloom Some rest in tomb Some on the way where they rest in wombs Some came up Others came up short like a dress in June But, can I, am I Late night off that red-eye Bet I be up, yeah, bet I Yeah, I’ll be much better Pourin’ and posin’ In a foreign floatin’ That’s poetry in motion This poetry is potent Verse 2 Thought I was trippin’ Grass not greener on the other side I thought I was missin’ out But I think different now Sat in a room talking to pops Some of his ways, never will change Thought I would never Thought I’d do better Then I became some of the same Under the flame Don’t melt when the fire’s felt Had to let go, got a little older Had to get over survivor’s guilt That’ll find you by yourself When you start to find your worth And you start to find your wealth
Chorus Trying to make it work Happiness or hurt Life’s a tidal wave Watch my n*ggas surf Everybody good? Black Milk Verse Yeah, hood made him historical Everybody good? I was just being rhetorical Everybody should feel a way Money made our memorials Money gave that fast momentary happiness, horrible Put it down Put a crown on all of them All of us put in rounds Time to fly, look at him soar Talk wrong, might go to war Get walked down like a corridor Going door to door No getting that time back From waiting in hell Told homies that waiting around Is waiting to fail No refunds come in the mail Lost years in the pandemic Gotta chalk up the L You’re welcome to tell A story to tell Playing fair Why they lying to us? Then they ask why We’d up and shooted Have the town looted Like it’s nothing to it When you stop asking how to get through it And the elders stop having answers to it And the music stops feeling therapeutic Like damn Trying to leave Or you trying to stay It’s the long game that you gotta play Take a deep breathe and a namaste Quelle Chris Verse I done tripped on a lot things Swerves, curbs, words, Klonopin Debt from them days when I got it in So extra extra Read all about it Rumors be true Hear em talk about him I see eye to I don’t walk around it What do I value these days? How much of that value is me They say money can’t buy you love But loving freely still comes with a fee I’m not impressed with the results Maybe not doing enough But feel like I’m doing too much Tired Tried doe Limits be like why you lying bro What’s the use of killing yourself to make it If it means when you make you’re dead? Work To the bone hurts Had to soul search No putting off time now Gotta grind now See me shine down Coach row to sold out shows What’s okee doke What’s the low down Blowin’ smoke in the hotels was the old Quell Bet you know about em Big deals be like chemtrails off the coattails Lost shit be like oh well Boss shit we gone boss up If we down two we gone get 12 Ain’t not big deal
Chorus You can have anything, all that I got All of me right on the spot I wanna know, girl, if you ‘bout it, yeah, is you solid Never question, never doubt it, let’s talk about it La da da da, let me know, let your feelings show Let me know, how we doing goes La da da da, ‘cause you know how I feel, yeah ‘cause you’re pressure, for real yeah Verse 1 I ain’t got time to waste She ain’t got time to wait I was from ‘round the way She was from outta state I was just trying to find a way Nah, I ain’t with no games But I was just trying to find a play I can tell you how it be You and me don’t stop You and me on top Dine on plates and the drinks on rocks You got keys, got me on locked Sex with the Netflix we don’t watch It’s a green on go, we on glow Out somewhere it don’t be that cold Needed that change, I’ll break that mold Gotta stay fed, I’ll feed that soul Back in the day was a fiend ‘bout it Catch me at work, daydream ‘bout it Came to the crib had see ‘bout it You was on 10 and would be ‘bout it, yeah Come to your mind One on one you one of a kind Got you up under my arm Got me up under your spell Like an underline, you one of a kind Verse 2 Getting the best of you Getting the best of me You looking good, letting her cook Whipping the recipe, come next to me Having a hard time, you be that, you be there right You be that light when having them dark times, we on to the next what’s next We knew to perfect, we knew to protect How we get down, how we get down Not new to the flex, think of ya smile Shoot you a text, shoot you the rest Better with two things is better with you Got me setting the mood, better than who Get much better, it don’t get better than you
Chorus Ain’t nobody coming down to save you Ain’t nobody coming down to save you Ain’t nobody coming down to save you Ain’t nobody coming down to save you Ain’t nobody coming down to save you Verse They looking for a savior like they heard God’s call Nothing that can save ya like when the sky falls All ladies and gentlemen, welcome to when you were a kid again Before a world that took your innocence, menacing Failed at, they want us all held back Just got us in the hood trapped Only left with Henny and Hellcats, prevailed at Running through hell taking the scars Even when it’s soul-crushing like shoes stomping the yard It’s plentiful, seem more cynical The pinnacle, he’s him like Negro spiritual Waiting for signals in the sky Heroes that can fly to take the heat Hope they open eye Still watching people die from make believe Take the keys, take the wheel Writing out a check you can’t cash, don’t pay the bills Even still Even when you make it shit get complicated Wrong move and that life get confiscated Might get locked and caged, locked in cages N*ggas working over just for under wages Understatement Understand nobody’s coming down to save us Understood By the ones that’s right with us, tight All my get money type n*ggas alike Ladies, with they shifts at day, getting paid at night Making n*ggas stay in they bag Have ‘em paying twice, like
Chorus Tell me how I’m gon’ get back What to do when the feeling don’t feel new Just tell me how I’m gon’ get back Summertimes don’t feel like they used to Tell me how I’m gon’ get back What to do when the feeling don’t feel new Just tell me how I’m gon’ get back Summertimes don’t feel like they used to Black Milk Verse 1 Why we all feeling ashamed Why we all acting like we not feeling the same Frontin’ like the fear ain’t never came Safer with a mask, cosplay Every day is Halloween, fiend Tell ‘em what’s the cost Every dime spent Bosses on ya phone Lot of false advertisement Waste time, most times How the time’s spent No matter the context Art turned to content Sides flip Good goes bad real fast When push comes to shove like a mosh pit Used to be never talked about how it used to be Before and after, like it’s two of me Tryna get back Mick Jenkins Verse We talk about the way it was But them days is was That’s the way it is Play the shit by ear Tell me what you heard Back when n*ggas knew they math They’d say what’s the word And then they’d bust some verbs Actions preaching, bring me peaches While y’all touching herb Ashes on the curb The boy was only 17 I thought he’d live and learn He never been to Medellín So how he’d get the weight His n*ggas hold the same dreams Even at his wake They eat it like it’s not the shit that they regurgitate I can’t relate And most the time That shit just hurt to hear It work a nerve I’m no chauffeur But no I’m purpose driven Can’t work in fear That’s word to State Farm The urge is different I can’t stay long Not a shooter He more Draymond They got the truth behind the paywall While the clowns sell you Avon Black Milk Verse 2 Told by a friend Let’s get back to work Enjoying days off Didn't think I could Reading messages, “N*gga where you been?” Other messages, “Yo, I hope you good.” Trying to clear my head from the clutter Some days sunshine Some days suffer Some days on top of the world Some days under Some days wonder If we ever get to do this all over again What’d change Take me back just to re-arrange Still wouldn’t complain Feel like every eye on me Praise, accolades Still feeling anxiety Stayed on the low Just trying to get to the higher me Life can be a lot Or feel like the lottery Jackpot Over for the sorrow New memories turn to old memories tomorrow
Black Milk Verse Didn’t have to wish at all But life hits you hard Back against the wall Ain’t no wishing on a star We was adolescents wishing for foreign cars To roll through the gutter like bowling balls Just showing off Slow down, slow down Could slow down this fast life Handles on the breaks Perfectly trying to handle your mistakes, same Wishing with no candles, no cake, flame Had stress relieved Wish the loved ones that was lost Had more breaths to breathe Wish we didn’t speak another Have to utter another rest in peace, nah Have to be the one To always keep it together, like stitches My shoulders where my chip is My soul’s where I go for riches Cause ain’t no genie in a bottle taking wishes Phonte Verse New Tigalo, new Tigalo, new Tigalo I was 6 years old, she was a neighbor Who said come here and do me a favor A kiss I gave her Lips filled with the artificial flavors of candy that we shared Cherry Now and Laters made our tongues red But so many things went unsaid Cause if my mama found out she would annihilate us Confused and aroused by her misbehavior No one to talk nowhere to turn so I put pen to paper How can a bad touch feel good? How do we make amends when we use one another? Call me a friend then abuse one another Not powerless the cowardice of you motherfuckers To leave me all alone with new feelings I’m confronted with Was mindin’ my own and I ain’t ask for none of this but With some acknowledgement I coulda got in front of it To keep my wife and kids from bearing the brunt of it There’s gotta be a path to healing and revealing All the feelings of shame that’s been dividing me in half Anxiety on overdrive reminders of the past I’m shook scared to look word to Prodigy and Hav All I wanted was my people to be proud of me and ask Every once in a while, “How you doing?” for some follow through Tried to close the door on my emotions But loneliness is not the same as solitude Wish that I could talk to the younger me To tell him that I’m proud And that he is allowed to express everything he’s feeling underneath The joy and the pain is part of the game And you shoulda been protected But part of me regrets Pushing you to the limit cause you gotta be the best Went from left for dead on the mausoleum floor To being celebrated on the colosseum steps No fear I am here to emancipate you Be sure to stop and smell the sassafras On your way to masterclass for all the times you prayed to God Hoping this too shall pass like Babe Ruth 20 years still here it’s not a fad or a fetish 40 bars in now it’s hopefully embedded Any nigga wanna test he gon woefully regret it I’m Pastor Tigallo don’t you ever fucking forget it, n*gga
Yeah Really 02:58
Chorus Got this life that’s crazy Day & night say pay me Whipping white Mercedes, like Dodging darkness daily It’s no mights or maybes Cut but still can’t fade me, like I’m really good, I’m really good I’m really good, I’m really good I’m really good, I’m really good I’m really good, I’m really Verse 1 Nights like this I might write like this Walls caving in Four lanes I was switching gold chains On Egyptian dangling Your babe goes missing start acting different She’s staying in Come into my world we the type of n*ggas That’ll make it spin Aw playa, I’m good, I’m good Is what I’m telling myself Naw playa All your friends All your sins you couldn’t let it go Don’t care to say What these devils got you in debited for yo my n*gga, yo my n*gga Yeah, let it go Verse 2 In the back of my head always said talk last fight first Gods laughing, you n*ggas thought this life was light work Start bragging, throw a hunnit thou that’s still the ritual Habitual line-stepper, they asking what’s gotten into you 100 more thrown when it’s known you never had blessings New therapy, told therapist this the last session Really good Really? Really good Really? Really good Really?


released July 19, 2023

Written and Produced by Black Milk
Track 9 Produced by Black Milk and Karriem Riggins
Track 11 Produced by Raphael Saadiq
Additional Writing and Vocals by Quelle Chris, Brandon Myster, Mick Jenkins, and Phonte
Additional Instruments by Sasha Kashperko (bass & guitar), Ian Finkelstein (keys), and RoDerrick Gaston (bass)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Black Milk at Stank Babies Studio
Additional Recording by Chris Koltay at High Bias Recordings

Art Direction by Rosalinda Ruiz
Photography by Fabian Guerrero
Design by Adam Garcia


all rights reserved



Black Milk Detroit, Michigan


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